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  • Why rent when you can buy. Will pay for itself!*
  • Our yurts** can be carried in a wheelbarrow onto any festival site.
  • Live in luxury at festivals.
  • Individually hand crafted in Somerset.
  • Yurts tried and tested for over twenty years.

Ten foot ger Putting up an eleven foot ger (QT movie. Click to start)
Eleven foot ger on a wheeelbarrow Nine foot ger.

    Festival Yurts

    If you have ever dreamed of being one of the wealthy few who can afford to live in a luxury yurt at festivals. Dream no longer! If you buy a Woodland Yurt you can live in style at any festival for many years to come. All of our yurts up to eleven feet in diameter can be transported on a carefully packed wheelbarrow. The packed yurt can be pushed by a reasonably fit person over fairly rough ground. The yurt can be put up in about forty minutes.

    *Renting a yurt at a festival can cost £600+. We have ten foot gers for £1500. Three festivals and you are up on the deal!

    ** Yurts up to eleven feet in diameter can be packed onto and transported in a standard builder's wheelbarrow.

"It is just a delight more and more to discover and to settle in the yurt. We feel finally arrived home." K&L (Austria, 2003)

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